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How To Build A Solid Brand Strategy & Take Your Startup From A to MVP

Think of brand strategy as the foundation of your company’s essence. 

Your brand defines everything about your company; it is its personality.

Just like your personality, a company’s brand is constantly evolving and adjusting to change. Indeed, we continuously adapt relative to our environment and times. 

And so, why shouldn’t your brand?

As part one of this month’s special Atomic 47 blog series – Take your startup from A to MVP – we will lay out some key strategies for you to lay a solid foundation for growth.  

Given that building a successful brand entails adaptability, now more than ever, we want to help you develop yours the right way.

 Here are five considerations that we suggest startups take when building an effective brand strategy; a strategy shaped by your company’s unique qualities. 

Build your Brand from the Inside

To define your brand, we first suggest getting more acquainted with the individual members of your team. Engage your staff in team-building activities and make an active attempt to understand how they perceive the values that your company stands for. Dig deep to find out their “why” for choosing to work with your company. In this process, you can outline the notable qualities that characterize your workforce, building your brand personality authentically from the inside.  


Get the Look Right

In designing your brand logo, it is necessary to be extremely meticulous about every detail, as they can make or break your image. Your logo acts as an important identifier, as visuals are processed by our long-term memories. Use this to your benefit by evoking positive, powerful associations for consumers. Ensure that you have tested different versions of your logo with a sample audience so that you can revisit the emotional cues attached with each individual visual and determine the best features to include in your logo. Details such as color and shape can symbolize and evoke various reactions in people, so be sure to pick the one that best visually communicates your brand values. 

Establish a Succinct, Solid Vision & Mission

A critical step in developing your brand is envisioning an overall goal for the products or services you offer. To craft the quintessential brand, it’s important to outline an ideal future. 

Picture the role you see your business assuming after the dust settles and attempt to communicate this image in a single statement. Identifying your vision early can be extremely beneficial not only to inspire potential customers, but can also motivate your employees by setting a standard to work towards. 

With a clear vision in mind, another important aspect of your brand strategy to consider is your mission. Ask yourself what necessary conditions are needed to fall into place for your vision to become a reality. Structure your mission according to the same framework and attempt to summarize it into one brief statement. The aim of your mission is to determine how you are adding value for your consumers.  

Determine your Niche

Next, consider your ideal market. Think of your ideal customer and what pain point your business helps address. In this process, it is imperative to be specific and clear about who can benefit the most from your product or service. Once you have identified your niche, channel these concepts into your brand messaging to clarify your identity to potential clients, and advance your effort to become the singular and superior choice in your market.

Set your Brand Apart

To make your product stand out, it is important to conduct the necessary competitor research to identify areas of opportunity. Moreover, in the current environment, it is beneficial to take advantage of the social tools that are at your disposal. Social media users typically flock to online platforms to discuss their experiences with various services and products. These outlets can act as a window into the consumer’s mind, revealing expectations and challenges related to any topic. They also work as two-way communication points by allowing you to reach out to consumers, both amplifying your brand voice and showcasing brand authenticity.


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