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Avengers Assemble: Forming the Ultimate Core Team for Your Startup

A successful startup is only as good as its team. To be an innovative player in today’s competitive market, it’s important to recognize that. 

You could have a team of experienced, educated professionals that are passionate about your product. But that means nothing if they can’t work well together. 

Your team acts as the bridge that connects your product (or service) to your clients. For that reason, a team should be stable and reliable, while also agile to any possible obstacles.  

So, let us help you build a cohesive team, one atom at a time. 

Here are two considerations we suggest startups take to form their ultimate core team. 

Bad Communication: Your Kryptonite

Building a cohesive team requires attention to detail; that’s what Google found in their quest to create a structural equation for the perfect team. Essentially, the company found that the most important quality of an efficient team is psychological safety.


“Psychological safety is shown as the single greatest correlate with a group’s success,” said Charles Duhigg, author of Smarter Faster Better. “When a group feels that they are psychologically safe together, you unlock their best ideas, their ability to work together, and their innovative capacities.”

To achieve psychological safety, however, teams must possess two important characteristics: 

  • Equality in conversational turn-taking, whereby each individual team member can contribute equally to discussions, enabling a sense of cohesion and respect. 
  • Ostentatious listening, meaning leaders and members acknowledge the contributions of their counterparts by making an active attempt to listen and provide feedback.

Encouraging open communication can be an integral element of a startup’s success, as it creates a deeper bond between team members, who can then unapologetically be themselves. This also makes for an overall simpler, more direct communication process, saving time typically lost in the traditional formalities of the workplace. 

To cultivate a psychologically safe work environment, it is critical to establish a communication culture that encourages members to both speak and listen. Recognizing this prior to forming your team can be extremely beneficial, as it can better inform your recruitment process.

Recruiting: Finding the Right Superheroes 

When seeking out viable candidates for any position on your team, it is important to consider each person’s unique behavioural competencies, and how they would align with those of your existing members. Ideally, your team’s individual qualities should compliment each other to create the perfect balance of knowledge that can guide discussions of any relevant topic. 


It is important to consider the communication tips listed above when sourcing incoming candidates to ensure they possess the qualities needed to successfully integrate into your company’s culture.  

There is an abundance of online platforms that can be used to hire prospective employees, however, the key is to utilize them to the best of your abilities. LinkedIn, for example, is the optimal platform for recruitment, as employers can access a comprehensive view of a candidate’s skills, previous work, and contacts. What’s more, you can gain valuable insight on their personalities through the causes they are passionate about, the topics they follow, and above all, their activity on the platform. 

Importantly, do not limit your potential employee pool to those in your company’s geographical radius. If the COVID pandemic has revealed anything about the future of the workplace, it is that workplaces can thrive even in a remote setting

Seek your company’s superheroes anywhere in the world, and in the search for the optimal employee, try to probe them with behavioural questions that will help uncover their authentic competencies. During the interview process, try to gauge how they work in a diverse team setting, how they react in times of high stress, and how they treat others while holding leadership positions.  These three key factors can help you get a more transparent conversation going with potential candidates. 


Your company’s superpower will not be the product or service it offers; that’s only half of the equation. Instead, it is the hard-working team behind your projects that will help you save the day. Focus on assembling a solid core team of superheroes that is passionate about your product and/or service; a team that will guide your company’s vision forward. The rest will fall into place.


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