Technology will never stop evolving, it’s the nature of the beast.
Having the right team on your side is vital to tailor strategies that fit and determine the right tech for your toughest business challenges—no matter the industry.

Disruptive ideas peak our interest and that is why we dive deep into understanding new markets and consumers, at an atomic level, to ensure your products and services exceed expectations.


Meet our team of creators, dreamers, and doers that are passionate about innovation and everything that comes with it. We believe talent, resources, and the right spheres of influence are the cornerstones of success and we know what it takes to successfully bring new, influential products to market.

Karen - Co-Founder

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As a serial entrepreneur, Karen is passionate about people and technology. She believes that when they intersect, they make the world a better place. As an executive leader, Karen’s extensive experience in both early and growth-stage startups will provide guidance on recruitment, operations management, revenue, and investment.

David - Co-Founder

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David thrives on innovating, designing, leading and building experiences across a number of verticals and industries. He is an educator, a serial entrepreneur, working with thought leaders in media, gaming, market research, and emerging technologies, solving IRL problems.

Nick - Marketing Director

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Marketing Director

A firm believer that diversity is strength, Nick has been fortunate to have worked in a wide array of industries ranging from Cybersecurity, Gaming, Real Estate, and Entertainment, to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. As a result of his diverse experience, he has developed a powerful set of skills to fit almost any situation and project. Presently, his role as Director of Marketing at Atomic47 Labs allows him the opportunity to build, grow, and scale communities for early-stage start-ups to the world stage.

Micah - Interface Architect

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Interface Architect

Through a fascination with form and function and the relationship between the two, Micah has always thought about the experience we have with technology and how our interaction with it defines how we feel about it, and therefore how an important part of our lives are defined by these experiences. With over 20 years of design and development experience, he continues to strive for positive, accessible and effortless user experiences via user interfaces based on simplicity and deep intuition. Working with large creative agencies to small innovative startups, Micah has gained invaluable experience with organizations from a wide variety of industries including gaming, blockchain, mental health, law, accessibility, body modification, entertainment and education. This experience has produced a transferable skill set to work on a large variety of projects. Always yearning to learn more, he is no stranger to maintaining a humble attitude towards technology, and will always encourage innovation and pushing the envelope.

Brett - Fullstack Developer

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Fullstack Developer

Brett is fascinated with the ways we can interact with each other by interfacing through the web. Experienced with full-stack development, he is proficient in coding both the user experience and the behind-the-scenes functionality. Brett loves the systems that drive and make our tasks with computers easy, enjoyable and fun. Brett is a constantly curious software developer.

Travis - Lead Developer

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Lead Developer

Travis is a geek at heart, starting his programming career at 16 and going on to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, on a basketball scholarship, from the University of British Columbia. Now an experienced and talented full-stack developer, he is deeply interested in solving problems through the use of emerging technologies. He has worked on a variety of projects including one that focused on assisting engineers to use vehicle collision data to produce safer roads. Over the last two years, he has been working on backend client portal development and writing blockchain smart contracts for Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Cameron Prouten - Director of Operations

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Director of Operations

Cameron applies his post-secondary education in International Business in an administrative function with Atomic47. From handling issues regarding company finances to organizing a company benefits program, Cameron prides himself on his ability to make the working environment as inviting and productive as possible. With the full extent of his professional career in roles at tech start-ups, Cameron is no stranger to the fluid dynamics and flexibility demands that often weigh on small teams, and as such often lends his assistance whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Cameron Brinson - UI / UX Designer

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Growing up in the mountains of British Columbia fostered Cameron’s creative side early on. Cameron always had a fascination with technology. He would play with circuit boards and various electronics trying to understand how they work. Fast forward to the present day, Cameron has transferred all the knowledge he has gained into his design career to create innovative, engaging, and intuitive interfaces. This guy is an avid gamer of all games, a breakfast food connoisseur, and a fan of the Oxford comma.

Michael Harris - Data Scientist


Data Scientist

Michael studied mathematics and computer science in university and has a keen interest in how things work, especially economics, finances, and data-driven decision making. During university, he worked on bioinformatics, using machine learning for lung cancer research. He also worked with big data in the online child safety space. His most recent focus has been blockchain and emerging markets, and has taken on more in the way of business and product analysis, concentrating on data-driven decision making and token economics.

Edson Miranda - Social Media & Marketing Manager


Social Media & Marketing Manager

Edson is a Digital Marketing professional. He started his career 8 years ago when he completed his Advertising Degree at the University of Communications in Mexico City. He has been working on a broad set of industries including Education, Technology, Book Publishing, Best Selling Authors and Marketing Agencies. Edson is passionate about helping others, working with teams, and discovering new ideas and cultures. Currently, he is studying a post-baccalaureate diploma in marketing at Okanagan College in British Columbia.