Collide + Stack

Atomic47 Labs – where ideas, science, creativity, and leadership collide with emerging tech solutions to transform companies and people!

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End-to-end product design requires careful attention to detail. From use cases to business requirements to brand guidelines…It can feel overwhelming!

Let’s crack this nut.

As a full service development agency, we’re here to provide that clear and coherent path to turning your concepts into real life experiences that delight your customers.

Our services and skills align to three phases of early-stage business and product development: a productized workflow and toolkit system that is adaptable to our client’s unique needs and gaps.

You’ve got a bold idea. We’ve got our proven silver thread methodology to propel your business and product to market. Let’s do this!

Understand + Explore

Business discovery and market preparation is key to identifying opportunities and ultimately leads to new, innovative technologies and exceptional user experiences.

Define Problem
Business Modeling
Strategic Planning
Competitive Analysis
Product Market Fit

Invent + Design

With full understanding of the challenge at hand, we dig below the surface to creatively design and develop best ways to meet your audience’s needs.

Brand Development
Business Logic
Technical Roadmap
Solution Development
UX / UI Design
Prototype + Test

plan + launch

Launching ideas with merit in emerging markets is the next destination on our MAP—Merge, Amplify, Propel

Strategy + Planning
Relationship Building
Customer Support
Test / Refine / Iterate

Our Manifesto


Solving problems requires forming connections, getting messy, piloting actions and mapping disparate puzzle pieces.

Yes, all this matters. But designing how we work together matters too.

To spark bold transformations, our clients crave a trusted conductor—to lead them through rituals & routines, gauges & signals, toolkits and technology to build breakthrough products.

Our team welcomes you as a part of our team—our inner circle.

Together, we help you envision how you can have a greater impact with your work. Diverse and collective ideas become insights, plans and…execution.